Photography of Ajit Gokhale

Life Magazine published my first photograph in the “Pictures to the Editor” column in 1972. Recently, my images were published by the Himalayan Academy. My images were on display at the Bingham Gallery at the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose, at a gallery in Palo Alto and at the Agilent, Synopsys and Harmonic Corporations. There was a special solo exhibit of my American Landscapes at the US Embassy in New Delhi, India in 2008. I participated in the Saratoga Rotary Art Show for for four years and in the Los Altos Rotary Art Show for two years where my panorama image received the "Best of the Show" Award. Two of my images won awards in a contest sponsored by Unified Color Technologies in 2010.

For me landscape photography is a calming, almost spiritual experience. I am at one of the most spectacular scenic locations, generally away from the crowds. There is a lot of solitude, time to reflect and to commune with nature. I strongly believe that photography is more about seeing rather than about technology.
I think that this right brain activity brings more balance to my life that is mostly filled with left brain activities.

I prefer film to digital; I believe film provides more image information than digital. I use manual focus cameras and lenses, and shoot color slide film if possible. Now transporting and processing film is difficult, so I use digital cameras. The panoramas are made by "stitching" together three or more images. I print my images digitally. Dodging and burning, the processes that were once done in a traditional darkroom are now done on my MAC computer.

I am an engineer by training and after a 35 year successful career in Silicon Valley I am retired; therefore I now have the time to pursue my passion of landscape photography.