Photography of Ajit Gokhale


Gallery wrap is the term used to describe paintings or prints that are hung on the wall without any picture frame. The canvas is wrapped around the edge and stapled to the back of the stretcher frame. The image is continuous from the front and around all four sides. Gallery Wraps provide an attractive three-dimensional look. See the photos below of some of my gallery wraps. At this time the sizes available are: 10x15, 14x21 and 20x30 inches. Panoramas are available up to 20x60 inches. Please contact me for pricing, it is lower than for my matted prints and you do not need a frame. The sides of the Gallery Wraps are 1.25 inches. These Gallery Wraps are ready to hang!


On the left: A 20x30 Gallery Wrap of El Capitan reflecting in the Merced river at sunset is displayed on an easel.

Top: A 20x60 panorama Gallery Wrap is hung on the wall. The image shows the Mount Whitney and the Alabama Hills at sunrise, with the full moon about to set.